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Multi Blanking Lines

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Multi Blanking Lines are used for slitting and cutting rolled metal coils at the same time. We offer multi blanking lines for up to 2000 mm coil width.

At multi blanking lines manufacturer Sacform, we also manufacture the individual components of the lines and provide optimum production capacity to our customers combining components according to their specific production requirements.

Having a coil slitting machine in-house allows you to produce blank sheets according to your size and amount requirements whenever you need them, so you can reduce inventory, eliminate processing and shipping costs.

 Main Features:

  • High level of automation, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Hydraulic Decoiler with a loading car for quick loading
  • Leveler with 4 high and 6 high rollers for the maximum flatness
  • Gentle treatment of surfaces by high-quality rollers and conveyor materials
  • High-quality cuts with minimum burr
  • Automated stacking system with high accuracy
  • Compact design requires minimum space
  • Low cost, high quality, optimum productivity





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